About Kalie

My mission for this blog is to share the wealth of knowledge I’ve learned through my affiliate marketing training.


I take great joy in helping other people promote themselves online and see the kind of success they never thought was possible.


I strive to introduce you to the products and services that will help you reach your success goals.


My Story

My online journey started out in 2015 with a couple dollars in my bank account and a dream of running a profitable website.


Through meticulous Internet research and some trial and error, I finally discovered the training program that I still use today.


I reached a point where I was making money from my hobby, but then I had to move, get a different job, and start paying more bills than I previously had before.


I put my dream on hold so I could take care of those other priorities first. In the meantime, I didn’t give up on my passion.


I kept studying how to run websites, and how to make money in the process.


Today, I’m back in the Internet business, except now I feel more confident and knowledgeable than I was when I first started.


My Main Goal Today

Over time, I have discovered that there is much money to be made online, and (more importantly) so many people to be helped.


I look forward to the day when I can make a full time income as an affiliate marketer.


Your Opinion Matters to Me.

I hope you get something valuable every time you visit KalieSays.com.


I enjoy engaging in debates, discussions, and conversations with readers, so please reach out to me by leaving a comment on your favorite post.


If you need to speak to me privately, you can send an email to KalieTheBlogger@KalieSays.com.


All the best to you,