How to Handle Negative Comments

It’s no mystery that people on the interwebs can be rude, crazy, stupid, or all the above. But how do you deal with one of these creepos commenting on your blog? More on that in a bit! First, though, let’s talk about negative comments.


I’m no stranger to negative comments. Over the years, I’ve seen some messed up people say some really weird, hateful, sometimes illogical things… and it’s never fun to deal with.


Unless you’ve been living on a secluded island your whole life, you probably know that the anonymity of the Internet gives people the moxie to make comments they’d never have the balls to tell you in person.


This is great in a sense that people are finally starting to say what they really feel about a person/product/company, but disturbing in a sense that you as a website owner will most likely be subject to unwarranted negative comments at some point in your online journey.


Instead of peddling generic phrases on you like, “Grow a tough skin,” I’m going to help you identify negative comments and teach you how to deal with them if need be.

What is a Negative Comment?

It is important to keep in mind that not all negative comments are harmful, insulting, or overtly threatening. Some negative comments merely criticize your article, your website, or the work you do without saying anything too scandalous.


These are the simple I-don’t-like-you’s and they’re nothing to worry about. Your loyal readers aren’t going to jump ship upon reading a few of these. If anything, they might defend you/your website. I’ve seen it before.


On the other hand, you’ve got your negative comments that are harmful, insulting, or overtly threatening. These comments require a little more attention, and we’ll get to that in a bit. But first! The “good” kind of negative comments…


Wait, what? Yes, you heard me- some negative comments are a blessing. Some negative comments fall under the category of constructive criticism. They point out flaws you never noticed before, giving you a change to make improvements that you may not have thought of had you not received the comments.


**Bonus tip: NEVER become too proud to consider reader feedback.**


A guide to dealing with negative comments

Tutorial: Dealing With Negative Comments >


How to Respond to a Negative Comment

Scenario #1) Let’s say you get a comment that falls under the “I don’t like your website” category. It’s kinda rude, maybe a little bit snarky, but nothing that would make your grandma’s mouth drop open.


In the past, I have handled this situation by saying, “I’m sorry you feel this way. I do everything I can to make the reader experience positive and informative.” I do not apologize but I still keep it professional.


The last thing you want to do is be rude back. Being professional shows your readers that you are the bigger person in this situation, and it also prevents a comment war where you spend all day firing back and forth at this person who doesn’t even matter. What a waste of time!


Scenario #2) You get a comment that is more than a little bit rude. It could be racist, sexist, or filled with irrational hate towards you, your company, or your readers. This is where you have to take more serious action.



My first approach to this type of comment is to delete it. It serves no purpose and, more importantly, it could be very off-putting to my readers. They don’t deserve to have to read that crap. When readers see that nonsense comments are deleted, it gives them a sense that I am monitoring my website’s activity, and I do care about reader experience.


What about threatening messages? What if a guy says he knows where I live and he’s going to rape my dog or something insane like that? When in doubt, consult law enforcement! It’s no fun to deal with, and you may feel like you’re going too far/being paranoid, but you’re not.


I had to file a police report once in the course of my Internet career. The man was confronted by police and made to stop sending me threatening comments. He claims it was a prank gone too far, and that he never intended to hurt anyone, but you never know.


Whew! Things got really serious for a minute there. Let’s talk about the third scenario- when you have the opportunity to turn a negative comment into a positive outcome.


Scenario #3) Someone gives their honest opinion of your services, but it’s not the kind of review you’d like to hear. At this point, you need to address every concern and turn the focus to your strengths.



As in situation #1, tell them you’re sorry they had a bad experience and assure your them that you’re working to improve the situation. If you feel that their opinion is completely left field, defend your case in a tasteful, intelligent way.


In all three scenarios, do not get offended or lose control of your emotions. In many situations, this is exactly what the other person wants. Don’t give them that kind of satisfaction. Remain cool and confident no matter what. 🙂


Now you know about the different types of negative comments you might have to deal with and some basic strategies for showing those feisty comment writers who is boss. Let’s wrap up!


Your Main Takeaways

  • All popular blogs face criticism. It’s just a thing.
  • The anonymity of the Internet creates an environment where people are saying things online about your website that they’d never say to your face.
  • Some people just want to tell you they don’t like you.
  • Tell them “I’m sorry you feel that way,” and move on.
  • Some comments are racist, sexist, or hateful.
  • Delete those comments because they serve no purpose.
  • Comments that are overtly threatening should be taken seriously.
  • Contact law officials at your own discretion.
  • When someone gives constructive criticism, hear their case!
  • Redirect the conversation to your strengths.
  • Don’t lose control over your emotions.
  • Don’t get offended by random people’s opinions on the Internet.


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