How to Overcome a Fear of Writing Content

Do your hands start to tremble on that keyboard just thinking about writing content? Do you think about starting a website but the fear of being an inadequate writer stops you from going forward?

If so then you’ll want to keep reading because today we’re going to cover a couple common types of writing fears and some practical ways to deal with them. Let’s start with perfectionism.


Perfectionism in Writing

What is perfectionism in writing, and why should you avoid it? Perfectionism in writing is pretty simple- it means you don’t want to hit that publish button because you’re afraid your content isn’t perfect.


You should avoid perfectionism in writing because:

  1. It stops you from publishing. You will never have a perfect post; therefore, perfectionism in writing could stop you from making any posts at all.
  2. It’s not necessary. Decent content earns rankings. Even semi-decent content earns rankings. We aren’t living in an age of poets and scholars, here. People will read (and enjoy) your imperfect content.
  3. It plays games with your mind. I’ve talked to many an affiliate who spent weeks working on a review that could have taken a couple hours. Then they felt frustrated afterwards. Please don’t do that to yourself!


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My Advice

Acceptance. First, accept that there is no such thing as perfect content and realize that it’s going to be OK. You’re going to make content and find mistakes in it later. You’re going to get some negative feedback along the way. Imperfect content happens, and it still converts to sales.


Planning. Use a keyword research tool to help you plan out your posts. Let those keywords guide you through what you want to talk about and what audiences you want to target. If you can’t think of keywords to search, use the features of the keyword tool that allow you to come up with new ones.


Realistic Expectations. Not all content is a smashing success. Sometimes your work will garner traffic and sales, other times it won’t. A lot of times, you get sales and rankings from the content you would least expect. This doesn’t mean perfecting every detail will make all your content successful.


The Opposite of Perfectionism


I don’t know what to call this one, but it’s a real problem for me, so I coined the term “Post Publishing Stress Disorder.” Again, it’s not the official name of a disease or condition, this is merely the name I have given to a writing fear I deal with on a weekly basis.


What the heck is Post Publishing Stress Disorder? Well, it’s best explained in story form. Back in the day, I was so eager to get a post published that I hammered it out in a hurry and hit that publish button faster than you could say, “Oops.”


While the post didn’t contain anything too embarrassing, it just wasn’t my best work. The points I made were weak. Some of the links didn’t work. I had way too many font sizes going on. All in all, the post looked like a messy rough draft.


You could say I was being the opposite of a perfectionist. And the worst part was, I didn’t even realize it until someone pointed out how sloppy the post was.


A fellow marketer at Wealthy Affiliate told me about some of my mistakes in a constructive way (thank you, friend!), but I immediately felt foolish afterwards.


It wasn’t the end of my blogging career. I went back into my WordPress dashboard and did some tidying up… but it left me with a bit of anxiety about future posts. I’m always super excited to write them and hit that publish button, but I spend the next day or two freaking out about the feedback I’m about to receive.


That is why I call my fear Post Publishing Stress Disorder, and ultimately it is caused by being the opposite of a perfectionist, i.e., someone who posts too quickly and realizes mistakes after everyone has read the content.


If I didn’t manage my fear, it could stop me from moving forward with my goals and publishing new content. Fortunately, I’ve employed a few techniques to get rid of the anxiety.


What I Do

Rough Draft. I write a rough draft and proofread it before publishing. That way I can at least catch the typos and mess with the fonts before I whip out a post.


Feedback. I ask my friends at Wealthy Affiliate for feedback on my content. When you’ve got a community of people who are eager to help, why not?


Planning. Much like the perfectionist, a post publishing stress person can benefit from a solid plan. I don’t just type away until I hit 1,000 words. I use the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to help me make the best of every article.



Need to Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Perhaps aren’t “scared” to write content; you just really don’t look forward to it. Let’s face it- it’s hard to get started on a post or a page when 1) you know it’s going to take a long time to complete, and 2) you know you’re not going to enjoy it.


The bad news is, you can’t immediately outsource the task of writing your website’s content. Someday you’ll be able to do that because you’ll have a steady following and a bit of income to put towards outsourcing the less pleasant parts of your job. But not in the beginning!


The good news is, I’ve known plenty of people who started out as mediocre on a good day-, terrible on a bad day- content writers, and they’re doing just fine.


What Has Helped Others

Mastery. It’s not that difficult to improve your content writing skills. You could take a class online or in person. I’d also recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate because there you’ll see a plethora of information on how to get better at content writing.


Alternatives. While words are important, they’re not the only options for content. If you hate writing, you can employ imagery, videos, and links to other websites in lieu of lengthy paragraphs.


Attitude. You can do any job as long as it’s not forever. If you keep working diligently, and you still hate content writing in the future, you can pay someone to write content for you.


Your Main Takeaways

Don’t be a perfectionist or you’ll never get started. Don’t be sloppy, either, or you’ll find yourself publishing content that looks more like a rough draft than a finished product.


Have a definite plan before you write. Use a keyword research tool like Jaaxy to map out keywords to use throughout your content. Ask for feedback from others often.


Join a training program such as Wealthy Affiliate. Follow the directions closely and practice writing content often to get better at content writing. And remember, a can-do attitude goes a long way!


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    Writing content is something that I know I’m not strong at. However the best way to grow and improve is to keep practising until you find yourself improving. Often many shy away from their weaknesses but its just something that needs to be worked upon.

    Thanks for the great article! 🙂

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