What Is the Best Affiliate Program for Beginners?

Hi, readers! Kalie the Blogger, here. Today I want to talk about where you need to go to get started if you don’t already have a preferred affiliate marketing platform.

If you’re looking for affiliate programs for beginners, it can be a bit confusing. With the thousands of seductive money making systems out there, which one do you choose?


You don’t want to get scammed, or even worse, spend months (or years!) of your life working fruitlessly on a website that just never really ends up being profitable. That’s why I would like to introduce you to the best affiliate marketing training course available today.


Wealthy Affiliate

Where to get it: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Who created it: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
How much it costs: $0 for Starter; $49 monthly for Premium (359 for Yearly)
My rating: 9.3 out of 10 stars

The best affiliate marketing training course, in my opinion, is Wealthy Affiliate. Why? I’ll get to that in a minute. But first, I would like to give you a little background information about the program.


Back in 2005, co-founders Kyle and Carson started an affiliate marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Throughout the years, online money making fads have come and gone, but Wealthy Affiliate is still alive and well today.


The co-founders largely attribute the program’s success to superior member support and the overall honesty of the program. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will NOT be fed a bunch of ridiculous lies about all the thousands of dollars you’re going to make in the first week.


Come on, now. We all know that if you’re going to build a profitable website from scratch, you will have to put in the hours and pay attention to the training.


If you understand the philosophy of working both hard and smart, and you want to be rewarded for the fruits of your labors, then keep reading!


Get your website running in under 30 seconds!

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What Exactly Do You Do in Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, first you sign up for a free account. That’s the easy part. A free account is called a Starter Membership, and it gives you access to the best affiliate marketing training course available.


Then you have a choice to make: picking a topic to promote. For some people, it’s simple to choose. They already have a general idea of what direction they want to take with their websites, and they just pick whatever it was they were yearning to sell.


For me, it wasn’t that simple… At first, I had no idea what I wanted to do! That’s actually pretty common.


It’s OK because Wealthy Affiliate offers volumes of information on how to pick a topic, how to know you’ve chosen what’s right for you, and what to do if you still have absolutely no friggin clue what topic to promote.


The “no friggin clue” person was me. If that’s also the case for you, you will enter a program called Affiliate Boot Camp.


I absolutely loved it, and I would recommend getting a free Starter Membership just so you can try it and see how much clearer your affiliate destiny becomes with this training course.


Alright, we’re signed up for the free membership, we have chosen our topic of interest… now what? I’m so glad you asked! More on that below.


The Website: Your Outlet to Making Money

Your next step will be to create your very own WordPress website for free. Sound scary? It’s not! When I began this process, I had never built a website before.


It only takes a minute or two to get a website up and running. Then you get step-by-step instructions on what your website should look like to attract visitors, what kinds of pages and posts you need to make, and how to write dynamite content.


This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate the best affiliate marketing training course: the instructions are clear and concise; you can get help from experts at any hour of the day on any topic imaginable; and it’s actually fun.

Unlike other affiliate programs for beginners, you won’t have to quit when you hit a stumbling block, and you won’t be bored to tears with endless webinars where you have to wait until the end to get your questions answered.


If running your own website still sounds a bit intimidating to you, I think it’s time that you take this challenge head-on. Anything that’s going to make you successful in life is going to drive you out of your comfort zone.


So, how is this website going to make you money? Let’s go over that now.


Website Traffic

A lot of times when people start a blog, they get disappointed because no one visits their blog. How are you supposed to promote stuff when no one can see your content?!


At Wealthy Affiliate, they have tools and training that will more than solve this problem for you. I used to have a blog a couple years ago where I’d basically write about whatever was on my mind that week.


I didn’t know anything about advertising or promoting other people’s products. It was just, well, a glorified diary that the entire Internet could potentially see. That’s the thing, though… the entire Internet did not see it!


If no one can see your website, then no one can buy your products and services, and no one can click on those ads that make you money. This is a major obstacle for many bloggers out there.


Sign up for a free Jaaxy trial account today.

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Unless you have hundreds (or thousands) of friends on social media who regularly comment on and re-post your content, it’s going to be hard to garner traffic for your website.


That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. With the help of the best affiliate marketing training course around, you are going to get traffic and make those sales.


If you sign up for your free Starter Membership, you will learn how to draw attention to your blog without spamming the heck out of your Facebook friends. Let’s get into some of the pros and cons of joining.


The Pros of Joining

  • It’s FREE to get started. Once you become a free member, you have the option to purchase whatever upgrades you feel necessary.
  • There is no obligation to become a paid member. However, many starter members choose to upgrade because they like the program so much.
  • Training is taught through written lessons, descriptive videos, insightful tutorials, and specialized classrooms. Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for any learning style, and the variety makes it so you never get bored.
  • Training is organized into five courses for Entrepreneur Certification, and seven courses for Affiliate Boot Camp. But each course is broken down into ten palatable lessons so you can go at your own pace.
  • No spam allowed! If you’ve joined other affiliate marketing platforms in the past, you’ll know that most of them are chock full of hucksters peddling their own products.
  • This is simply not the case at Wealthy Affiliate. I very much enjoy being able to network in a spam free environment.
  • Help is just around the corner. When you post a question, it usually gets answered by the community within minutes.
  • If the community can’t quite get you the answer you need, you can talk directly to the founders, Kyle and Carson. I’ve done it before and they’re very professional.


Getting help is easy at Wealthy Affiliate.

Posting A Question: How to Get Help In Minutes >


  • The community makes all the difference. Thousands of members ranging from beginners to experts are there to help you with your training, keep you motivated, and network with you to accelerate your success in the online world.


  • Live chat is available 24 hours a day so you can reach out at any time.


  • No need to pay for hosting elsewhere! Starter members get two free WordPress sites. When you’re first starting out, you don’t need to have multiple websites. It’s best to focus on one or two. You can always upgrade later to get 25 websites.


  • Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting is quite fast and very secure. No need to worry about long loading times or (gasp!) having your website hacked.


  • You will have access to free resources like the Keyword Competition Tool, WordPress Express for faster website creation, and Rapid Writer, which is basically content writing made easy.


  • Keyword Lists will save you time and take the guesswork out of keyword research.


Sounds great, right? You may be wondering if there’s a downside to joining Wealthy Affiliate.


In this next bit, I’ll discuss some of the negatives that other members and I have encountered along the journey so you can decide whether or not the program is for you.


Cons of Joining

  • Wealthy Affiliate will not make you rich overnight. If you’re joining an affiliate marketing platform in hopes of making the big bucks fast, then you’re going to get scammed over and over.
  • How long it takes your website to become profitable depends on how much time you invest and how you use the training.
  • You have to be a Premium member in order to take all six courses. Starter members get access to the first course.
  • You cannot post comments or write in your personal blog about highly controversial topics like religion and politics. Doing so may result in having your writing privileges revoked.**If you’ve made it this far into my review, I give you props for your attention span. We’re almost done!**


Pricing and Bonus

Let’s talk about the various price points that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. As you are probably well aware now, it is completely, totally, 100% free to join.


When you sign up for free, you become a Starter Member. Being a Starter Member is a great step in the right direction for you, but I want to prepare you for a decision you’re going to have to make: whether or not to go Premium.


A Premium Membership will allow you to take full advantage of training, have direct messaging with other members, and get 25 websites with hosting.


As you’re signing up for your free membership, I want to inform you of the Bonus.


What is the Bonus, you say? I’m so glad you asked. It’s a 59% discount for going Premium within seven days of signing up for a Starter Membership.


The cost of a Premium Membership is just $49 per month, or $359 per year. If you get started today, a couple months down the road you could be looking at a profitable website that you legitimately enjoy running.


To Answer Your Question from Before…

What is The best affiliate program for beginners? Hands down, it is Wealthy Affiliate.


Because I personally use and highly recommend this platform, I will give you a link below where you can get signed up and check out all the awesome goodies Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.


If you have any questions or concerns, or would just like a little more information before becoming a member, you can always email me at KalieTheBlogger@KalieSays.com. I’ll see you on Wealthy Affiliate!


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14 thoughts on “What Is the Best Affiliate Program for Beginners?

  1. Hi Kalie

    Do you know that I have been reviewing different affiliate networks, yet I have never came across an affiliate program that is so all inclusive.

    I see why you recommend this one it’s every affiliate marketer’s dream to promote such a great program.

    Plus I also heard that it has a 12% upgrade rate which is pretty high, but I must say that I’m not surprised.

    • I like the program because I don’t need to go anywhere else for training. With some other programs I tried, I noticed myself constantly searching Google to figure out what they were talking about and how to implement the strategies given. Not on WA. You have everything you need right here! Good comment.

  2. I absolutely loved your website. It is so user friendly and you have all your social media buttons plugged in (I’m now following you on pinterest hope you don’t mind?)

    My only concern there is you’ve linked into your personal Facebook profile, so you either need to edit your settings to ensure you only share what you want to with the general public ~ or set up a specific page to direct your traffic to, for instance; one of my pages on Facebook shutupandlistentothemusic71 .Although that’s just a ‘for fun’ page as I’m an insomniac and my friends were getting annoyed with me sharing stuff all the time. Also if you are connecting all your profiles up ensure they are all up to date (not that I’m stalking you, it’s how I’d establish that anyone was a genuine person)

    I am a disabled user and find some sites so busy it frazzles my brain trying to navigate around them, so well done on not having loads of pop ups ~ However I have just been able to trawl your site, gain loads of information could toodle off to AnOther web site builder to set up my online business and ok I wouldn’t have the WA support, but nor would you have your affiliate commission!?

    YOU are providing a fantastic resource, very detailed information; but you’re missing a trick by not getting me to subscribe to your site. Unless I specifically follow you I wouldn’t know if you’ve updated anything ~ I have followed you, but I know our WA Community, as an outsider coming across your page for the 1st time I’d have been and gone… I wouldn’t have subscribed to Wealthy Affiliates from your site, I would have subscribed to YOUR SITE and in following your progress could THEN have been persuaded to join.

    Maybe somewhere further into the training there is something I’ve not learnt ~ But as a Newbie to WA and as a 1st time visitor to your site I’m saying as I see it…

    I LOVE IT!!!

    But how can YOU profit from what I’ve just read on your site???

    Kind Regards

  3. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate program for beginners. It’s a great place to learn affiliate marketing and it’s a great product to recommend to others.

    There are so many good things about Wealthy Affiliate, but one of the things I like most about it is the fundamental goodness of the community and the people who created it.

    I feel very good about recommending it to others because I know they risk nothing in trying it and that they will be well taken care of by the community. And, most of all, if they follow through and apply what they learn they will make money. If they stick with it, they can make a lot of money and enjoy phenomenal personal freedom.

    • Now if the new members would stop worrying about the money making aspect and start focusing on the real value they’re creating in the world, they’d start to see the money roll in!

  4. Hi Kalie, thanks for the great review and recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you, the spam-free environment is what I like about. I no longer proactively participate in the community, I just focus on my websites, and they let me get on without interruption (such as sales messages).

    Another thing I like about is as you say, the free hosting fees (included in the membership) I currently have 8 websites, if I wanted to open a new site right now, I could. And if I didn’t like it, I could just delete it. It’s so flexible.

    I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for affiliate beginners. Thanks again for the great article!

  5. Thanks for providing such a thorough and in depth review. I had heard about WA in the past, but I had no idea that it had so many features.

    I like the idea of getting web hosting as part of the package – plus all the training! It really sounds like everything is on one place for you using that system!

    • Hi, Jim. You’re very welcome. WA has everything you need. No need to buy more training on the side just to implement the training you’re getting here. And it’s super cheap. Programs akin to WA cost upwards of a thousand dollars sometimes. Very insightful comment. Thank you!

  6. Well I was looking at Clickbank and Amazon before I found your article on Google…but this has really turned my head!
    How interesting it would be to actually build up a whole business on promoting one thing – and they teach you how to do all this for free right?
    How hard is this sort of thing to follow? What level is it set at?

    • Hi there, Chris! First off, thank you very much for commenting. Reader feedback helps me out a lot.

      To answer your question, yes- you do build up a business around something you’re passionate about. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get real, practical advice on how to choose that one thing you want to promote and what direction to take with it.

      Keep in mind, you do have to put in the work and spend a little time building. But it’s well worth the effort. If you follow the training and reach out to other members when you need help, you will find great success building your business through Wealthy Affiliate.

      It’s free to join. You start off as a Starter member. And yes, you do get a free course with 10 lessons on how to get your website launched. If you enjoy training, you have the option to upgrade. I would recommend being a Premium member because it’s an investment in yourself that’s going to pay off later.

      How hard is it to follow? It’s really not too bad. At times, I’ve had to replay a video to get all the information down or ask a question in the community. To be honest, I knew literally nothing about building a website when I signed up. It didn’t take long for me to learn up and get a decent website going.

      What level is it? You start at level one. If you’re looking at programs like Amazon and Click Bank but have no prior training, you’re going to fail miserably until you get a solid foundation. If you’re ready to build that foundation and start making some money, go ahead and get signed up for your Starter membership today.

      Is there anything else you would like to know?

  7. Wealthy Affiliate is a very good affiliate training program for beginners and also for people who tried affiliate marketing before but didn’t succeed.
    You need some guidance if you want to make it in online business. The competition is very tough and without support you will end up in a dead end.
    Affiliate marketing is not that difficult or complicated but it’s an industry that is constantly changing and you need to educate yourself in order to succeed in it.

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