What Is the Best Keyword Tool?

Hello, Everyone! Kalie the Blogger here letting you know about a useful keyword tool. If you’re just getting started and don’t know what a keyword is, that’s OK.

A keyword is a phrase that people type into a search engine when they’re looking for something. If I want to look up how to make homemade pancakes, I can head on over to Google and type in “how to make homemade pancakes.”


Whatever website best matches the keyword “how to make homemade pancakes” will appear first. Now imagine your pancake recipe pops up the first page.


Can you imagine how much traffic you would get if your website was in the top ten search results on Google, or on any of the major search engines, for that matter?


Understanding the Importance of Keywords

Video: Understanding Keywords >


Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Where to get it:
Who created it: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
How much it costs: $0 for trial; $19 per month for Pro; $49 per month for Enterprise
My rating: 9.3 out of 10 stars


Jaaxy (that’s pronounced Jack-see) is a program I use to scope out keywords that will give my posts the best possible rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


I’ve used other keyword tools in the past, and I can honestly say Jaaxy has them all beat.

What Makes Jaaxy Unique?

Let’s dive right into some of my favorite features:

  • First, you’ll get to see the average number of searches a keyword gets per month.
  • Then you’ll see the number of visits to your website per month you could expect to see if you ranked on the first page in the major search engines.
  • Sounds like an ordinary search tool, right? Wrong! Jaaxy will also tell you how many websites are competing for this exact search term.

This is extremely useful if you’re not interested in competing against a thousand other sites for your keywords. Onto the next feature!

  • The Keyword Quality Indicator gives you a general idea on whether or not you should leverage a keyword. A green circle means good keyword, a yellow light means OK keyword, and a red light means a not-so-good keyword.
  • You also get an SEO score from 1 to 100. A 1 means you’re very unlikely to rank on the first page of a search engine, whereas a 100 means you’re extremely likely to appear first if you leverage that keyword.


Jaaxy: the Revolutionary Keyword Research Tool

Get it here >

No More Annoying Graphs!

One of the things that drove me nuts about most of the keyword tools I’ve sampled is that they have these annoying graphs.


Jaaxy conveys the same information but in a clearer, more concise way. Your keyword information is organized in columns.


Can’t Think of a Keyword to Search?

I suggest using the Alphabet Soup feature. Alphabet Soup takes your original keyword and adds a letter or a word afterwards to slightly change your keyword but give you more ideas.


Think of it like typing “how to make” into the search bar on Google. Google will then fill in the blank with suggestions like “how to make homemade pancakes.”


Many times, this feature has led me to discover keywords that are entirely relevant to what I wanted to write about but infinitely more likely to get high rankings in Google.


I’ve also used Alphabet Soup to come up with domain names, website niches, and topics to write about in my posts.


Keeping Track of Your Keywords

I used to keep track of all my keywords in a notebook. Then I started feeling like that wasn’t the most efficient way to do things.


Flipping back and forth and trying to remember which notebook I needed was getting a bit cumbersome.


My Jaaxy Enterprise account allows me to save all my keywords by category in Lists. Before I make a post, I can hammer out all the keywords I want to use, and then I can flip back and forth between my website and the Lists section as I’m writing.



Domains Based on Keywords

Let’s say that you want to name your website based on a keyword that gets a lot of traffic and has low competition. Allow me to direct your attention to the Domains feature.


Continuing our pancakes theme, let’s say you wanted to call your website How to Make Homemade Pancakes.


First, you type your keyword into the search box. If you can see “.com” and “.org” in green, that means the domain names howtomakehomemadepancakes.com and howtomakehomemadepancakes.org are still available. Pretty sweet!



You may be wondering, “What does a revolutionary keyword research tool like Jaaxy cost?” It’s actually not that expensive, and I’ll show you a cool way to get it for free in just a minute here.


There are three price points available, so you can choose whatever subscription best meets your budget. First, you’ve got your free trial account.


I recommend signing up for the freebie account first because that way you can get a feel for what Jaaxy is all about and make sure you’re 100% happy with it before you upgrade.


Most people choose to upgrade because they love the product and it helps them to generate more sales, thereby offsetting the cost of the monthly subscription.


How to Promote Jaaxy

Video Tutorial: How to Promote Jaaxy >


Going the free route, you will get 30 keyword searches. But when those run out, you have the option to upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise.


I have an Enterprise account, and I absolutely love it, but it’s really up to you. So, what’s the difference between the two?


Jaaxy Pro costs just $19 per month. You get unlimited searches. Search results load at a reasonable speed. Alphabet Soup yields 15 results.


The downside is, you have to manually click on some of the data columns for them to load. You can search with 2 tabs when using a multi-tabbed search.


Jaaxy Enterprise is only $49 per month. You get unlimited searches, of course, but the data loads very fast. Alphabet Soup gives you 50 search results instead of 15, and you don’t have to click on any columns when you’re doing a keyword search.


The data loads automatically. Multi-tabbed search can be done with 5 tabs instead of 2.


The Jaaxy Affiliate Program

I mentioned before that I knew of a way to get Jaaxy for free. You’re not going to get out of paying Kyle and Carson your monthly membership dues, but you can certainly participate in a program that will offset the cost.


It’s called the Jaaxy Affiliate Program, and it converts really well. What do I mean by that? Almost everybody knows somebody who could use a tool like this.

Create a profitable business online.

My Recommended Training Program >

If you know anyone at all who owns a website, or is thinking about starting a website, or wants to promote their brand/sell their products/inform the world that they have a business, Jaaxy could be incredibly useful to them.


In the Jaaxy Affiliate Program, you refer other people to sign up. For each person who signs up, you get a monthly commission.


A couple referrals a month, and you’re looking at breaking even. More than a couple referrals a month, and you’re making a profit.


Reach Out to Me

Before you go, I would like to leave you a couple links. One of them will send you to the Jaaxy website so you can see for yourself how useful this keyword tool really is. The other is to my Wealthy Affiliate profile. That’s where I tend to do a lot of my networking.


The best way to get in touch with me is to leave a comment on your favorite blog post. If that’s not your preferred method of communication, then please send an email to KalieTheBlogger@KalieSays.com. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hi! I have been looking around for a good keyword tool so your article appeared at just the right time. Jaxxy looks like a very good keyword tool so I might give the free trial a go. The fact the info is clearly laid out should be a good time saver? I hate having to decipher graphs.

    • Hi, Pete. Thanks for commenting!

      Jaaxy will definitely save you time. I’ve tried other keyword tools in the past, including the free keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate, and nothing really compares to Jaaxy. You won’t have to decipher any graphs (yuck!) and you’ll get extra features that you can’t find anywhere else, like the quality keyword indicator.

      Thanks again, and I wish you luck!


  2. Hi Kalie,
    Thanks for your great article on keyword tools and jaaxy! I enjoyed reading it and learnt more about how to search for keyword ideas from it. Very good advice to use the alphabet order on Google with “how to” to get ideas. I will definitely try this.

    I’m using a keyword tool I’m content with already, but if I start to see cracks in it, I will take your word for changing to Jaaxy instead.

    Keep up the good work with informational articles.
    Best wishes,

  3. Hey Kalie, I just review your site. I think you have good info but I would recommend adding a few more pages. You could break up the info into groups and each group has a different page. Just a thought. But please dont change the content. I love the content.

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